Thursday, May 21, 2015

Homeschool Math - Free Printable Graph Paper

Need graph paper to demonstrate a concept?  Or maybe your kids need graph paper for schoolwork.  Math-Aids has really nice free, printable PDF graph paper of all kinds, and the cool thing is that you can customize the size of the grids before printing.  You can see some of the kinds of graph paper they offer below.  They also have other math worksheets, but I'm most excited about the graph paper, which we've already used a number of times.  I know we'll be back time and again to print more, and I really wanted to share this free resource with you.

I hope you find this resource useful.  If you know of other free math or homeschool resources, let us know in a comment below so we can share them with everyone.

At home education resources for homeschoolers.

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