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About Us

Who am I?  I'm a 29 year old homeschool mom with a beautiful 7 year old daughter.  We are Christian (Baptist specifically), we read the KJV, and we are currently doing 2nd grade (see what curriculum we're using this year).  We've been homeschooling since Kindergarten.

I'm a writer, graphic designer, photographer, outdoor enthusiast, road-trip taker, creative mom who's always looking to do things outside the box.  I have worked in two private Christian schools, and one government funded pre-school.  Currently I work with foster kids who are in need, which I find very fulfilling.  I have a bachelors degree in applied psychology pre-education (I know, it's a mouthful).

My goal with this blog is to share our experience, our resources, and ideas with other homeschoolers.  I also try to run giveaways of great curriculum and teaching tools as often as possible, because if you're homeschooling without financial help it can be hard to buy everything on your own, so I try to be a blessing in that way to as many families as I can.

So please join us in our journey through my daughter's school years.