Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Freebie Friday - Fun Addition and Multiplication Drills

Who says math has to be boring?  Today I have another freebie for you.  This time it's addition and multiplication drills.  You can print the PDF HERE.  

The idea is simple, print the page you want to practice, write the operation being practiced in the square box in the center (addition or multiplication), and then have the child perform the operation on the number in the center of the flower with one of it's petals and write the answer in the outer petal.

In the PDF there is a title page, an instructional page with examples and tips and tricks to make this exercise fun and interesting, and four pages of flower drills.  In the center of the flowers the numbers go from 1-12 and there are two flowers per number.  For each center number (1-12) there are the numbers 0-13 to practice with in the petals, with special emphasis on the numbers 7 and 9 which students often have trouble with.

The great thing about these drills is that you can use them for addition and then re-visit them later for multiplication.  You can also cut the papers in thirds horizontally to make drill time shorter and have the kids practice 2 flowers per day, or cut it vertically in half so that the kids practice 3 per day.  This is great for younger kids (5-8) who may not like to sit for more than a few minutes writing.

Another idea would be to print these on bright colorful paper to make them more appealing to young children.  If you print them on white paper, your student may have fun coloring the flowers after they're done with the drills.

There is plenty of room to hole punch these to keep in a three-ring binder, and they print double sided just fine.

Let us know in a comment below if you like these drills and are using them.  Feel free to share the link with others who would find these useful.

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  1. I like these!! It's so helpful to have multiple ways to drill those all important math facts.