Thursday, December 5, 2013

History Enactments With a Barbie/Super Hero House?, I'm a history buff, let me just start with that.  I want my daughter to be interested in history too, and I really want it to come to life for her.  We already make scenes from history with Lego's, as seen here with our little oriental ninja village, and she acts out and explores history in her own way there. 
For her birthday I had made her a Barbie house (tutorial here), and decorated it all up so her Barbies could live in a house instead of all over her bedroom floor, but recently I've seen her turn her barbies into 'The Avenger's' and start re-enacting things she's seen from the Avenger's cartoon show in her Barbie house.  It gave me an idea.  Why not use her Barbie and Ken dolls to re-enact other things from history that we'll learn throughout the years?  Why can't it be Anne Frank's house?  Why can't it be George Washington's house?  Why not the white house?  The idea I had was that when constructing a doll house like this, instead of taping or gluing the paper to the walls, why not tape or glue up paper sheet protectors, so that you can slide new wallpaper/scrapbook paper in and out to fit whatever scene you want to reenact?  The thing is, this doesn't have to be a 'Barbie' house that you construct, it could be an action figure house for Spiderman (why not?  Her 12 inch Spiderman doll lives there already), so this could also be used for boys with a more 'manly' wall-paper.

It was just a thought that I wanted to share anyway, and definitely something we'll be doing along with continuing to build scenes with Lego's for her to play with.

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  1. I love this idea!! My kids reenact things they overhear in their older brother's video games so why not history.