Friday, December 6, 2013

Freebie Friday - Calendar Printable and Projects - Mixing It Up

I decided to make an empty calendar on Photoshop so the cub and I could decorate it and start marking off the days to Christmas (we just drew one out in pencil last month), but once I got it made, I wanted to do more than just decorate it.

It started off looking like this:

And ended up looking like this:

You can print the empty calendar PDF HERE (prints full page) and use as you will.  Also feel free to share the link to this page so others can grab the free homeschool worksheet.

What I really wanted to share with you though was what I came up with.  My cub is currently in Kindergarten, and I thought, why not take a Sesame street approach to the calendar this month as we count down the days?

Today is the fifth, so we colored in December 5th, and made today a day about fives.

To practice writing her  name, she wrote it five times today.

She also did a worksheet I made up adding and subtracting numbers with five, circled five even numbers in a list, and x-ing out 5 odd numbers in a list.

She also completed five pattern sequences I laid out for her, we read five books, counted by fives, played a Curious George game online about fives, practiced five new sight words, and measured five house hold objects with a ruler.  We also sang the days of the weeks song five times, and she practiced writing the numbers 1-5 five times.  She also got high fives all day for her school triumphs (something we do anyway but I emphasized it since today is five day).

There's so much we can do with this idea, and I like it because no matter what grade your student is in, you can do this and match each day up to some activities in subjects they're interested in.  Don't think so?  

Ok, so your kid is a fifth grader (it is a five day), and it's the 15th (see), so they get to do 15 math problems that day, take a break from school and read 15 pages of whatever novel they're in, go out and ride their bike for 15 minutes for exercise, do algebra (or whatever other type of math they're in) with the number 15, go out and take 15 photos of something relevant to a science or history lesson they're learning about, earn an extra 15 minutes of video game time for every assignment they complete that day.... the list goes on.  

You really just have to get creative with it and tailor it to your child's interests and the subjects they're currently studying.  The obvious application is in math for days further into the month, but as home school parents we have to get creative and that's the fun of it.

Want more free printable homeschool worksheets?  See our homeschool freebies here.

Questions?  Comments?  Ideas of how to use this free printable calendar?  Photos of how you and your homeschooler used this calendar?  Let us know in a comment below.


  1. I started to read this and thought "so cute, but I have big kids..." then you adjusted it for my big kids! Thanks for reminding me how simple it is to adjust things and make this fun! It's our first year (I have 10 and 11 year olds) and I need lots of reminders :)

  2. @Debbie That makes me happy to hear. I like trying to make things accessible to everybody!

  3. Great ideas! You are coming up with excellent, creative ways to teach. What a blessing you are!