Thursday, November 21, 2013

Easy Placemats

At the start of October my Kindergartener wanted to make some fall decorations so I came up with these easy place mats.


Supplies we used:

- Scissors
- Glue Stick
- Marker
- Crayons
- Pencil
- Colored Paper (computer or construciton)
- Laminator
- Lamination sheets

Step 1 - I drew a pumpkin shape out of orange paper, and eye and mouth shapes out of white paper we'd colored yellow (or you could use yellow paper).  Then she helped me cut them out, and colored the pumpkin with more orange crayons.  We glued it together with a glue stick on black paper.

Step 2 - We flipped the paper over and began making the candy corns.  I drew rounded triangle shapes on white computer paper, and she and I colored them in.  Then I cut them and she glued them to the back of the black paper wherever she pleased (we did it assembly line style to save some time).

Step 3 - We put it in a lamination sheet and ran it through the laminator (twice because it was thick).  And Ta-da!  A water proof seasonal place mat she can use that I can clean without ruining.  To clean it I just put it in the sink and wash with soap and a sponge like normal.

Note: I realize you might not have a laminator.  As a home school mom though I felt like it was going to be an essential part of school, and they happened to have one on sale at Wal-Mart for $24 at the time and the lamination sheets were about $10 for a large package.

The plus side is that if you do have a laminator, you can make as many place mats as you like and make them for every holiday season.  Take note however that you're using a piece of paper that is the correct size for your lamination sheets and will have enough room left over to give a little lip on the sheets to bond together.

Questions?  Comments?  Do you have some great projects like these?  Let us know in a comment!  We love to hear from you!


  1. These look like fun! My daughter is teach art this year at a home school coop!

  2. My kids have always loved the place mats they've made in Sunday School. It's such a fun art project.

  3. Awesome! Just gave me the idea to make some play doh mats! Yes!! I am thinging some spring themed ones and a potato head for my toddler.