Saturday, August 8, 2015

Freebie Friday - Book Report Worksheet

My 2nd grader is going to be doing book reports for the first time on the novels she reads this year.  For us a book report is a process.  She'll read the book, fill out this handy worksheet I'm sharing with you, illustrate and color a book cover on a plain no-line index card and then put the card up on our reading board, then decorate half a poster board (where she'll tape or glue her book report form to).  Finally she'll verbally tell us about the book she read and all of the artwork she made.  I looked online and there were a lot of cute book report worksheets out there, but none that I really fell in love with, so last night I made one and decided to share.  I know I posted this on Saturday, but I made it on a Friday so it still counts for our Freebie Friday ;)

Here is the PDF.  Simply open and click print (see below for location of print button).

If you save to your computer first then in the print options select 'actual size' instead of 'fill' in the print options so that it fills up a page (when printing directly from the browser it automatically fills up the page).  Print it on white paper if you have an artistic child who will enjoy coloring in the bubble letters and drawing pictures.  Or print it on colored paper for a child who is less inclined to color and draw so that it's still bright and colorful.

There was only so much room on the page so there wasn't room for a summary or too many details about the book, which is ok for us because she'll be giving us the summary verbally when she gives her oral book report.

Tips for using this worksheet:
  • Print an extra one so you can fill it out and show your student how it works the first time.
  • If you want them to write a summary or other details, they can do so on the back.
  • Tell students that it's ok to illustrate in the margins.
  • If students want to draw a larger picture, tell them to draw a line across the center of the back.  They can draw their picture on one half of the back and write on the other half.
  • Have kids draw the main characters next to the main character names.
  • Explain what the different genre's are if children are younger and haven't learned about genre's yet.  You may need to help them pick the correct genre.
This worksheet can be as lively and colorful as you or your students want, or as plain as you or your students want.  It's up to you.  I tried to design it in a way that would allow both options to work.

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