Friday, July 11, 2014

Freebie Friday - End of Year Kindergarten Test

I know this post comes about a month too late to give a test to Kindergarteners, but hopefully it can be used in the future.  This is an end of year basic skills test for math, reading, history, science, and health.  For the history portion, you may have studied something different for the year.  If this is the case, write in your questions after printing.  You will need to read the instructions to your student (and that's perfectly ok, even if you have to read each question several times).  The important thing is to let your student figure out the answer on their own, and if they can't figure it out after a certain amount of time, mark the question as wrong (and you can work on the things they got wrong over the summer to prepare them for first grade).  As for the timed reading portion, the time it takes them to read the sentence will give you an idea of what reading level they are at.  You can also use THIS reading assessment test to see what reading level your child is at.

Here is a link to the PDF.  It comes from my Google account.  Feel free to modify this to fit your needs, but please do not re-distribute it.  If you would like to share it, link back to this post.

If you use this test, we'd love to know in a comment below!

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